Home Study

Informative & Engaging Workbooks

Hands-On Training

Personal Instruction from the Creators of CK™

Live Interactive Webinars

Learn & Contribute through Case Study Presentations

 Thorough, professional training over 7 months

  • Feel confident and prepared for hands-on work through informative & engaging workbooks
  • Experience the power of the techniques directly through hands-on training
  • Cement the techniques with step-by-step follow-up workbooks
  • Learn a variety of approaches including talk therapy, regression (inner child) work, behaviour change techniques and integrative exercises
  • Start Counselling Kinesiology™ consultations through supervised & supportive case study assessments
  • Learn how to work with adults (including couples), children and adolescents
  • Apply Counselling Kinesiology™ in practice with reinforcing exercises to assist you

Live interactive online webinars add to your training

  • Receive practical instruction while doing your workbooks
  • Learn through the actual case studies presented
  • Ask questions live or by private instant message
  • Experience the advantages of on-line learning
  • Join in or just look & listen – it’s up to you

Work around your other commitments in the comfort of your own home

  • Home study workbooks completed in your own space, fitting in with your lifestyle
  • Worksheets to fill in that really help you absorb the detailed information
  • Work-rate calendar to support you to stay on task
  • Low weekly workload of 4 hours/week

Connect with your peers and teachers

  • Network and connect with your classmates and trainers
  • Form real, ongoing and supportive bonds

Be able to work ‘with’ your clients not ‘on them’

  • Learn to work interactively using kinesiology
  • Work together on the issues identified

Learn Coaching and Positive Psychology Life Enhancing exercises

  • Take people further than just fixing their problems
  • Learn how to help people capitalise on their strengths
  • Connect people with their goals & deep values to achieve their dreams

Receive ongoing mentoring

  • Full phone and email support available throughout the course, assessments and beyond
  • All work reviewed and returned with helpful comments to support your progress
  • Case study and other assessments designed as a mentoring process to get you ready for professional Counselling Kinesiology™ practice

Gain fully accredited training

  • Training fully accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association & the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Accredited as both Category B ‘Further kinesiology skills’ and ‘Communication skills training’
  • Get great value for money and an easy payment plan
  • You get all the distance education hours at half the rate of hands-on training, yet they are fully accredited hours
  • Pay-as-you-go with 7 easy monthly instalments covering the 7 months of complete training, including all materials & assessments

Start without all the kinesiology prerequisites

  • Start the home-study units now and gain the prerequisite kinesiology skills before the hands-on training starts
  • Gain kinesiology prerequisites with teachers in your local area

Progressive training with each section building on the previous one

  • We go over the counselling skill basics before moving on to advanced skills
  • Plenty of revision & review with opportunities to have your questions answered

You might be wondering, just how hard is it to learn with a combination of online webinars, workbooks and hands-on training? Surely it can’t be as good as face-to-face. Here is what a past student had to say –

“There are a lot of kinesiology courses out there and I had already done a Certificate in Counselling yet I was pretty attracted to doing Counselling Kinesiology combining mainstream counselling and kinesiology techniques. But what about all of the distance education books and online webinars – I was concerned. Would I be able to get support on the way through? How difficult was it going to be when you are not face-to-face all of the time? And gosh, what about this computer literacy thing? Am I going to be able to get onto the live webinars and what if I miss one?
Well, I did have a challenge with the computer and did miss some webinars but ….


….. that was overcome and when I was up and running it was all great. Gordon even made extra time with him for me to catch up on the ones I had missed! I certainly felt I had the support. It was great the way we did some working online and workbooks to prepare us for the practical hands-on workshop, then going back to the computer with follow up workbooks and live webinars. After doing the training I can say I am really glad I did it. It is a great system. With all of the kinesiology courses out there I really loved how this one combined kinesiology with mainstream counselling. It worked so well to have this integrated – and it is very thorough. I have used it with a lot of people now and it is really effective. I also loved the three parts of the system. To be able to connect with the client first, then test for a reference age and connect with their ‘Inner Child’ to gain real insights. You come out with information to reframe using these insights and take them into day-to-day life. I love the fact that there are some really good exercises that one can use to do this. It is not just about having somebody come and have a talk about something and leave it at that. It is effective in that you can take it so much further and can work with something they can really take into their lives. The case studies did seem daunting before I did them but I was able to step out and actually do them. It has given me the confidence to go out and work with clients using the CK system. I think the monthly payment system was great too rather than having to pay the whole lot upfront. I could manage it doing it that way. It worked really well for me. I would definitely recommend the training. The way Gordon teaches it is fantastic. It is a great system and a great course.”

– Amanda Anderson, Coressence Holistic Kinesiology, Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

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