De-stressing points
  • Foundation training over 7 months covering CK™ three tiered  approach in depth
  • CK™ Talk Therapy & Counselling Skills
  • Kinesiology based CK™ ‘Resolving Emotional Stress Circuits’
  • CK™ Behaviour Change Exercises
  • Utilizing the unique Developmental Directory™ & Grief Gauge™ emotional states charts

 In this training you will learn how to :

  • Engage proper ‘Duty of Care’
  • Apply an integrated 3 tiered (typically 3 stage) approach of CK™ Talk Therapy, CK™ Emotional Stress Circuits (regression informed by muscle testing, plus de-stressing) and CK™ Behaviour Change Exercises
Stage 1 – Talk Therapy Counselling Skills
  • Engage clients with empathetic questioning to build rapport and create a safe space for them to feel heard and understood
  • Manage clients emotions and know what to say to support them appropriately
  • Unravel the client’s current issues by identifying the stressful triggers and emotional reactions
  • Explore clients histories including contributions from past experiences, past relationships and family of origin issues
Stage 2 – Kinesiology based ‘Resolving Emotional Stress Circuits’
  • Muscle test the Developmental Directory™ emotional states chart to identify clients’ unmet emotional needs at critical developmental phases resulting in poor or inappropriate coping skills
  • Muscle test the Grief Gauge™ emotional states chart to find where clients are stuck in resolving their issues
  • Muscle test for past unresolved issues that are that are influencing how clients react in the present
  • Use gentle CK™ regression techniques to connect clients with the emotions locked up in their past issues
  • Apply CK™ de-stressing techniques to resolve stressful issues and gain insight into limiting emotional patterns
Stage 3 – Behaviour Change Reinforcing Exercises
  • Utilise a wide range of CK™ behaviour change exercises targeted at each client’s specific circumstances to help make changes that stick
  • Employ Positive Psychology, Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation techniques to take your clients further than just solving their problems to achieve their full potentials
  • Engage the 5 paths for helping your clients achieving Happiness and Wellbeing

Apply CK™ in Practice

  • Work with adults, adolescents and children
  • Apply CK™ to a whole spectrum of issues including, personal, relationship, career, workplace, parenting, adolescent and childhood issues
  • Use CK™ as a client education tool to enable them to engage in life in more empowering and fulfilling ways

Support Yourself as a CK™ Practitioner

  • Deal with your own issues and client resistances, including engaging appropriate referral, supervision and debriefing
  • Promote yourself as a professional Counselling Kinesiology™ practitioner

Course Structure

  • 11 weeks of preparatory distance education workbooks and worksheets (background, theory and introduction to CK™ methods & techniques),  plus 2 live online webinars
  • 3 days hands-on intensive – CK™ “In Practice”
  • 9 weeks of  follow-up techniques distance education workbooks and worksheets (review and extension of practical CK™ techniques), plus 4 live online webinars (techniques and case studies)
  • 6 weeks of extension techniques distance education workbooks and worksheets,
    plus 3 live online webinars (working with children; fears, phobias & anxieties; positive psychology & coaching),
    plus case study, written theory and oral assessments

Presentation structure (hands-on intensive):

  • Procedure background
  • Explanation of steps (flowcharts & procedure forms)
  • Demonstration
  • Q & A
  • Supervised practice
  • Discussion & review
  • Revision

Materials included:

  • 6 comprehensive workbooks preceding the hands-on intensive covering background theory and structure of CK™
  • 6 further workbooks covering the material covered in the hands-on intensive plus the applications of CK™
  • Worksheets to help absorb and retain the information
  • Work-rate calendar to help stay on task
  • CK™ 1 ‘In Practice’ manual to accompany the 3 days hands-on intensive
  • Developmental Directory™ and Grief Gauge™ laminated emotional states charts
  • Client history and session note forms
  • Sample case studies and case study proformas
  • 9 live interactive webinars with Q & A plus case studies to complement the workbooks and hands-on training


Recommended minimum prerequisites Touch for Health 1 plus Intro. to CK™ (or equivalents covering the prerequisites detailed here+ indicator muscle testing experience CK™ 0  (‘Introduction to CK™’) is a bridging course for Touch for Health 1 graduates, or other people with rudimentary kinesiology experience, to prepare for Counselling Kinesiology™ 1 (e.g. students, counsellors and health practitioners who are fairly new to kinesiology). Note: You can start  the distance education components of CK™ 1 whilst obtaining the kinesiology prerequisites as the  prerequisites are not required until the hands-on CK™ 1 workshop. Presenters: Gordon and Debra Dickson

 Competency Assessments:

  • Practical assessment during the hands-on intensive
  • Satisfactory completion of all worksheets
  • 2 detailed case studies covering all 3 stages of CK™
  • Written multiple-choice theory (posted out with time limit to return – open book)
  • Verified attendance at all of the 9 live interactive webinars
  • Oral (by phone or video conference) to prepare for promoting and marketing yourself as a CK™ practitioner


116 hrs of accredited training as Category B “Further Kinesiology Studies” or “Communication Studies” with the two peak registering bodies for kinesiology training, the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK). CK™ 1 contributes to the hours required to become a registered kinesiology practitioner. If used for Communication Studies, CK™ 1 Training provides well in excess of the 40 hrs required for Level 2 practitioner registration & exceeds the 100 hr requirements for the top Level 3 registration.


  • Sunshine Coast  – Integrated Health Kinesiology, 13 Parkana Crescent Buddina, QLD 4575
  • Melbourne – Venue to be advised and subject to numbers

Dates & Times:

Distance Education components (11 weeks prior to hands-on and 11 weeks following it) start – Mon. 22nd Jan. 2018 (earlier/later start is possible by arrangement)

Hands-on intensive (3 days 9 am – 6.30 pm) –

  • Sunshine Coast  Friday 6th – Sunday 8th April 2018
  • Melbourne  – Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd April 2018


(Jan 2018) Complete training package (Distance Education components, 3 day hands-on intensive, 9 live interactive webinars including all materials and competency assessments) –

Pay As You Go $265/calendar month x 7 – total $1855

Early Bird discount 50% off first payment (limited number available) – total $1722

– Hands-on Workshop Repeat: $405

Application Form:

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Classes limited to 15 places only!


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