CK™ 0
Intro. to CK™ (Kinesiology Skills)

CK™ ‘0’ is the nuts & bolts of the kinesiology techniques required for CK™ 1.  It is not required if you are already proficient in kinesiology skills.

These kinesiology prerequisites can be gained from other accredited kinesiology courses or combinations of them.

CK™ ‘0’ also acts as a bridging course for those who have done some kinesiology training but have not covered all of the prerequisites.

CK™ 1
Resolving Emotional Stress

The CK™ foundation training covering the three tiered CK™ approach in depth –

  • Talk Therapy  Counselling Skills
  • Kinesiology based ‘Resolving  Emotional Stress Circuits’
  • Behaviour Change Reinforcing Exercises

and utilizing the unique Developmental Directory™ & Grief Gauge™ emotional states charts.

CK™ 2
Relationships Training

Building on the foundation techniques of CK™ 1, CK™ 2 applies them to relationships issues working with couples, both individually and together, and with singles.

It provides training for helping couples resolve their relationship difficulties and for singles to find lasting and satisfying relationships.


Counselling Prerequisites:

There are no counselling prerequisites for Counselling Kinesiology (CK™) Training. These are covered in the distance education components, however, some experience in the helping area is a great advantage.

Distance Education:

In addition to the hands-on training, there are distance education components consisting of workbooks with worksheets. The informative and engaging workbooks to be completed before the hands-on workshops fully prepare you to get the most out of it by knowing the background theory and structure of CK™. The follow-up workbooks w go over the workshop material in detail, plus applications of CK™, to make sure you will have got the most out of the workshop you can, and will be able to apply the CK™ training in a practical way.

Work-rate Calendar & Weekly Time Allocation:

To get the most out of distance education training, it is important to be able to keep to a schedule to help stay on task. We have included a work-rate calendar with times when the worksheets are due (although you can start anytime earlier). Committing 4 hours per week, preferably two 2 hour sessions to enhance learning and recall, you work according to the work-rate calendar and send the completed workbooks back at the times indicated. We then review them, and send them back with helpful comments.

Kinesiology Prerequisites:

  • For Intro. to CK™  – recommended prerequisites Touch for Health 1 + indicator muscle testing experience
  • For  CK™ 1 –  recommended minimum prerequisites Touch for Health 1 plus Intro. to CK™ (or equivalents covering the prerequisites detailed here+ indicator muscle testing experience
  • For  CK™ 2 – CK™ 1 workshop and workbooks (CK™ 1 competency assessments not required to be completed)

Note: You can start the distance education components of CK™ 1 while obtaining the kinesiology prerequisites as the prerequisites are not required until the hands-on CK™ 1 workshop.

The minimum kinesiology prerequisites for the hands-on Counselling Kinesiology™ 1 workshop are detailed here. They can be obtained from any accredited kinesiology courses or combinations of them. The following courses are recommended for covering the CK™ 1  prerequisites and giving you a broad outline of general kinesiology skills (helpful if wanting to work in other areas such as nutrition, energy meridian balancing and structural issues).

If you have not done any prior kinesiology training or have not covered all the prerequisites, it is important to start this forthwith, as they need to be completed prior to starting the hands-on workshop (and they can be completed while you are doing the pre-workshop distance education workbooks). The recommended courses are –

“Touch for Health 1” workshop , plus
“Kinergetics 1” workshop

Alternatively, we offer a bridging day between the kinesiology techniques covered in Touch for Health 1 and what is required for Counselling Kinesiology™ training. This is held at our Sunshine Coast centre only and is provided as the demand requires. It is the fully accredited –

“Introduction to Counselling Kinesiology™” workshop

We highly recommend you do this training or the associated, videos, workbooks and worksheets if you are not an experienced muscle tester.

Dates, Prices, and CK™ Application Forms:

These can be found by clicking on the respective course links or icons above.


All of the Counselling Kinesiology™ courses are fully accredited with the two peak registering bodies for kinesiology training, the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK).   The CK™ courses contribute to the hours required to become a registered kinesiology practitioner.

Introduction to Counselling Kinesiology™ (CK™ 0) is 8 hrs of accredited training as Category A – Foundation Kinesiology Courses, reflecting its content of being primarily kinesiology training.

The Counselling Kinesiology™ 1 & 2 courses are accredited as Category B “Further Kinesiology Studies” or “Communication Studies” hours, with CK™ 1 being 116 hours and CK™ 2 being 40 hours of accreditation.

If used for Communication Studies, CK™ 1 Training provides well in excess of the 40 hrs required for Level 2 practitioner registration & exceeds the 100 hr requirements for the top Level 3 registration.

For further information on the accrediting bodies, follow the links –

Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) Inc.

Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) Ltd.


Counselling Kinesiology™ Training – 

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Classes limited to 15 places only!


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