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Developed by Gordon and Debra Dickson, Counselling Kinesiology™ Training enables you to help others with their emotional issues and stress related difficulties.

Counselling Kinesiology™ is holistic counselling. It blends well-established counselling techniques with coaching and complementary approaches such as muscle testing. Muscle testing (also known as kinesiology), is a unique biofeedback tool enabling you to identify underlying emotional issues causing emotional stress.

You can even find and clear emotions underlying many physical health problems. But it is easy to feel out of your depth when dealing with people’s emotional stress – yet so many health and relationship problems go back to unresolved emotions.

With all of the training around it can be hard to know if you are taking the right path to help people in the way you would like to be able to – especially where you are wanting it to be your future career. And then there is the problem of how long will it take and how difficult will it be?

At Counselling Kinesiology™ we give you the tools that really get to the bottom of emotional issues, so you can help lift people out of their emotional suffering. We provide it in an affordable and efficient way so that you can cut through to the bottom line of issues where powerful changes can be made amazingly quickly.

“The biggest obstacle I had when thinking about doing Counselling Kinesiology training was would I have time to devote to complete all the workbooks and study. I was also worried that I would fall behind and not get it all completed. I found that …….  


…with the schedule provided, it was very easy and a no-brainer to stay up to date and get it all completed. I enjoyed and learnt so much doing the workbooks so I was happy to work within the required time-frames. All the information was amazing! It was so extensive and interesting. I love that included in the course is information from so many sources and all pulled into the one course. I also loved all the extra little tips, exercises and support and guidance that Gordon gives throughout the webinars and the course. The weekend training and spending time with Gordon was fabulous, as he always went over and above with all the information he gave. I really benefited from the work that was done on me during the weekend. It was very powerful and has made big shifts in my life. I would definitely recommend the CK™ training. I believe that Kinesiology is emotionally based and you need to know how to deal with people’s “emotions and past beliefs to be able to really help them on a deeper level. CK™ allows you to feel more confident when dealing with bigger emotional issues as well. This course has given me so much, personally and with my clients. I feel that this course has allowed me to really tap into those emotions and beliefs on a deeper level to allow for long lasting changes to occur. Thank you Gordon & Deb.”
Debbie Rossi, Total Being Kinesiology, Melbourne, author of ‘Beyond the Schoolyard: End the Bullying Forever’ www.debbierossi.com.au

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