“If you are not completely happy with the Counselling Kinesiology™ 1 Training,
or feel for some reason it is not for you at this time,
you can return the workbooks and worksheets before week 3,
and receive a complete refund.
We want you to be as happy with Counselling Kinesiology™ Training as we are,
so there is no risk in starting your training now.”

We know decisions about training are big decisions and we would be glad to discuss your individual needs and the Counselling Kinesiology Training with you further. Give Debra or Gordon a call on (07)54445466 or email us on ckt@ckt.com.au.

We wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you if you follow the many others who have joined us on the journey of Counselling Kinesiology Training,

Debra and Gordon Dickson

P.S. With the easy payment plan and money back guarantee, you can start Counselling Kinesiology Training now without risk and be on your way to becoming a Counselling Kinesiology professional!

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