We have just been watching a great Ted talk video How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek. There have only been about 24 million views so far, so I guess a lot of you may have seen it before. Nevertheless, it made Deb and me think what really is our ‘why’ for Counselling Kinesiology. What has made us want to keep at it for over 30 years now? How has it sustained us as a couple and as parents?

It prompted yet another of those big talks that have helped us along the way. Here is our first go – how does our ‘why’ resonate with you?

“We believe that at times we all need help creating the healthy relationships, happy families and vibrant meaningful lives we yearn for. We believe that the fundamental path for achieving this is through deepening compassion and increasing understanding of ourselves and of others.

This is often not a simple or easy task, especially if attempted on your own and in isolation. The abundant rewards that flow from moving along this path are increased happiness, more joy, enhanced engagement and a real sense of purpose & meaning.

These are not just personal benefits, but enhance our relationships, bring strength within our families and bolster society. It is a wonderful path of discovery, love and liberation that makes the world a great place to be in.”

It is what gets us out of bed in the morning to further Counselling Kinesiology, and we hope that it inspires you to keep going along the path, even when things feel tough. It can always start with ‘What is the least I can do to move myself forwards today?’, and the rewards are so often wonderful,

Gordon and Deb